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RxMy Nature Prescription
Where do you feel safe and comfortable, outside? Where do you like or intend to spend time outdoors?
What do you enjoy doing outside? What can you commit to do outside. With whom or alone? Unplugged without earbuds?
How many times per week, which days of the week, afternoons, mornings, after school or work, on the weekends? Is frequency commensurate with therapeutic goals?
How many minutes or hours can you commit to engaging in this activity? Be realistic. Is duration commensurate with therapeutic goals?
Share this prescription with your healthcare professional to safely optimize your therapeutic potential!
Red Cardinal
PHOTO: Chester Robinson, MD
"Patients have really responded well and find it is a refreshing change of pace from the usual "come to the doctor, leave with a pill" approach. They feel pleasantly surprised when I start talking about outdoor nature therapy as a component of their treatment plan."
~ Greg Anderson, MD, Family Medicine

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