Ask your Healthcare Provider for a Nature Prescription

Watch our quick "how to" video (designed by doctors for doctors) to give you a sneak preview into how doctors are trained to prescribe nature.
...speak up and be your own advocate for Nature prescriptions.

Have you ever thought about asking your healthcare provider for a nature prescription? Perhaps you've seen a commercial or an advertisement for a particular medicine?

The same way you might ask your doctor about a particular medication or other medical treatment, we want you to feel comfortable and confident asking your doctor for a nature prescription.

At PRA, we promote nature as a medical intervention because we know it benefits your health in many ways. You can speak up and be your own advocate for Nature prescriptions. Unlike pharmaceutical companies who spend billions of dollars to hire "drug reps" to go to doctors' offices and hospitals to market medications, PRA depends on you to speak up for yourself and ask your healthcare provider for your unique nature prescription.

"I currently work in community mental health as the Community Corrections Liaison where I serve clients struggling with substance dependency, complex trauma, and a variety of mental health/behavioral issues. One of the ways I support clients is through PRA, as I am a firm believer that nature is medicine and can help bring balance back to the mind, body and spirit."
~ Jessica Chacon, MA, LPC, NCC, ADS, E-RYT

Think of PRA as a place you can come to find out why spending time in nature is good for you and to learn all about the science behind nature prescriptions. Then take all that knowledge and share it with your trusted healthcare provider. Go to your visit prepared and ready to share your nature treatment plan with your provider.

Fall Foliage

In fact, why not write your own prescription, and take it to your doctor? (Hint: most doctors actually love it when you come to them educated, organized, and offering suggestions for how to improve your health). Ask your doctor, "What do you think of this nature prescription I wrote for myself? Is there any part of it that you might suggest I make a slight change to increase its therapeutic value?"

Write your own nature prescription

Don't be shy about suggesting this to your doctor. More and more doctors are becoming familiar with nature prescriptions. There are hundreds of scientific studies that make a strong case for spending more time in and around nature--time outside.

"I work in a community healthcare center where we provide healthcare services to the most vulnerable populations, regardless of their ability to pay. I love the idea of prescribing parks and find that parks are affordable and easily accessible to almost all of my patients. I think that if we can foster a love for the outdoors in young children, like my parents did for me, that this could have a positive impact on their physical and mental health for the remainder of their childhood and into adulthood."
~ Ante Wind, MD, Pediatrician

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