Human Benefits of Nature

...nature is not foreign to us, but rather part of our very being.
Silhouette of person touching a tree
PHOTO: Chester Robinson, MD
"I introduced park prescriptions to my department, a hospital-based, outpatient wellness center that promotes and supports the wellbeing of employees and community members with its outreach and educational programs ... Patients and clients who received nature prescriptions included bariatric patients, patients receiving behavioral health consultations, residents of a life care community, and those seeing a dietician."
~ Maryellen Dykeman, Nurse and Manager of Community Wellness
"Our employees have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees were in desperate need of a wellness activity to help them boost their mental health, physical wellness, and spiritual well-being. PRA was just the ticket. PRA was an extremely delightful program for our participants with 84% reporting they are very likely or likely to complete their Park Rx after the program's completion."
~ Sadie May, Wellness Coordinator, Salt Lake County Health Department

Hundreds of scientific studies have demonstrated the health benefits of spending more time in nature for both children and adults. Below are samples of important scientific articles highlighting nature's role in improving physical and mental health.

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