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Land Management/ Park Agencies

Get Your Parks Listed

Don't see your park data in our nature prescribing platform? If you would like your park data to be accessible to our more than 1000 healthcare professionals so that they can prescribe "nature" to their patients, PRA can work with you to make sure that your park/land is represented in our nature prescribing platform.

Nature Connector

Do you have volunteers or staff who want to work directly with healthcare professionals and their patients/clients? Perhaps you'd like to promote your programming with healthcare professionals and their patients/clients. Or maybe you would like to be more active in that "warm handoff" between the nature prescription, and arriving at the nature site.

Co-brand your Park Rx Program with PRA

Interested in starting your own park prescription program, but not sure how? No reason to start from scratch, and no reason to reinvent the wheel. PRA already has extensive experience partnering with park agencies to co-develop and co-brand Park Rx programs, customized to meet the unique needs of your agency.

Academia & Research

Already have a health and nature research idea you'd like to propose and seek funding for? PRA has experience partnering with researchers to provide customized tools to suit your research needs.

  • Provider - PRA can customize its provider tools and trainings to meet your research needs and the needs of your healthcare professionals.
  • Patient/ Study participant - PRA can customize the patient/study participant interface to meet your research data collection needs.

Please contact us if you'd like to share your idea/proposal, and how we might work together to meet your research needs.


Looking for volunteer opportunities at PRA? Depending on your skills, interests, and availability, we may be able to find just the right opportunity to suit your interests and our needs.


If you are a philanthropist or represent a philanthropy, and would like to discuss a potential health and nature project or idea of yours, please contact us.

Donate Donations

PRA is a small nonprofit organization, always grateful to any individual or like-minded organization for any donation, small or large. Please click DONATE to make a tax-deductible donation.

Media Requests

Both Drs. Stacy Stryer and Robert Zarr have extensive media experience, and are available upon request.

If you don't find your interest outlined above, but still have a question or request, please contact us.

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