Park Rx America Featured in CostCo Magazine!

Park Rx America Featured in CostCo Magazine!

Nature's nurture

by Wendy Helfenbaum

Walking, hiking, swimming and cycling all provide physical benefits. But did you know that simply spending time outdoors - no matter where you live - can also have a huge impact on your overall well-being? We gathered expert insights and tips to help you reap the benefits of health-building nature experiences.

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Nature: No App Required

Nature: No App Required

New Video Released by the Healthy US Collaborative Featuring Dr. Zarr

Commissioned by the TakeCare campaign | Directors: Jonathan Halperin, Mark Mannucci | Producer: Elizabeth Westrate

An otherwise healthy 15-year-old girl goes to the ER with chest pain and crushing headaches. The cause? Stress. Her prescription: 60-minutes outside, no electronics, every week.

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Park Rx America Featured in Outside Magazine!

Park Rx America Featured in Outside Magazine!

Science's Newest Miracle Drug is Free!

By Aaron Reuben

Doctor's have been encouraging their patients to go outside for millennia. Hippocrates called walking "man's best medecine." Han dynasty physicians encouraged outdoor "frolicking exercises" to ward off aging. And until the mid-1940s, tuberculosis patients were sent to mountain retreats to take in the "magic airs".

What's happening now is different. It's widespread, systematic, and, at least in aspiration, evidence based. Though boutique wilderness treatments for trauma and some behavioral disorders have existed for years, the idea that your primary-care physician, psychiatric nurse practitioner, or cardiologist might prescribe a park before a pill is quite new.

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Park Rx America Featured in TIME Magazine!

Park Rx America Featured in TIME Magazine!

A prescription you can't fill at the pharmacy

By Jamie Ducharme

Dr. Robert Zarr, a pediatrician in Washington, D.C., often prescribes therapies that don't come in a bottle or a pill pack. They're redeemable only outdoors, in the fresh air of a local park. These "nature prescriptions" - spend an hour each week playing tennis, for instance, or explore all the soccer fields near your home - might sound whimsical. But Zarr is serious about his scripts, which are recorded in his patients' electronic health records.

"The paradigm shift in the way we think about parks: not just as a place to recreate, but literally as a prescription, a place to improve your health," says Zarr, who writes up to 10 park prescriptions per day. In 2017 he founded Park Rx America to make it easier for more health professionals to write park prescriptions for patients of all ages, particularly those with obesity, mental-health issues, or chronic conditions like hypertension and Type 2 diabetes.

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NBC News: A dose of nature: doctors prescribe a day in the park for anxietyPark Rx America Featured on NBC's Nightly News!

A dose of nature: doctors prescribe a day in the park for anxiety

by Shamard Charles, MD

For many patients, like Lauren Huddle, 31, a big dose of Mother Nature is exactly what she needs after a stressful day.

"I have pretty bad anxiety and depression," said Huddle of Bellingham, Washington. "And I don't do well with pharmaceuticals, so my husband Nate would actually tell me all the time, 'just go outside, you'll feel so much better.'"

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Your next doctor's prescription might be to spend time in nature
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Doctor's orders: 'Nature prescriptions' see rise amid pandemic
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In a world turning upside down, turning inside out can be a good thing
By Stacy Beller Stryer, MD, Park Rx America

"WHY I PRESCRIBE NATURE" - In D.C., Pioneering Pediatricians Offer New Hope and Health Through Park Rx
By Robert Zarr, MD, Park Rx America

Pediatrician, Parks Improve Child Health
By Mary Sebold, Sebold Communications


Park Rx America: Doctors prescribing parks to prevent and treat chronic disease [36MB]
Robert Zarr, MD, MPH, Park Rx Director, Unity Health Care, Inc., National Park Rx Advisor, National Park Service

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