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Americans are suffering and dying prematurely due to chronic disease that results from poor diet, inactivity, and chronic stress. Despite over 300 scientific studies linking improved health outcomes to time in Nature, most doctors are unaware of the relevance and accessibility of the park prescription. Park Rx America believes that doctors can and should prescribe parks and that patients are more likely to go outside when prescribed by their doctor.

INNOVATION: Park Rx America has developed the first scalable doctor-friendly platform to FIND green space, PRESCRIBE activity outside, and DOCUMENT the park prescription in any electronic health record.

IMPACT: Park Rx America wants to renormalize being outdoors. Access to green space is a social determinant of health and unequal access to green space is a social injustice. We level the playing field among communities by reconnecting all persons to their accessible green space, regardless of race or income.

REPLICABILITY: We have a proven record of expanding in both geographically and demographically diverse areas. We partner with local, regional, state, and federal land management agencies to maintain verified and up-to-date park data and can scale to all sizes of health provider organizations.

We are asking for $850,000 to fund operations in 2019.

These funds will go to:

Doctor Outreach & Training: 30%
Database & App Development: 30%
Staffing & Recruitment: 25%
Presentations & Lectures: 10%
Marketing & Supplies: 5%

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John Henderson
202 549-8233


Park Rx America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization - all donations are tax deductible.


  • Travel nationally to educate train, and identify "Champion" healthcare professionals
  • Expand park prescribing database across all states, and include municipal, regional, state, and national parks, where applicable.
  • Develop and launch application for mobile devices to engage patients and clients
  • Incorporate innovative data on tree canopy, soundscaping, and biophillia scores to identify outdoor spaces with specific health benefits
  • Incorporate events and classes into park database to provide another layer of engagement for patients
  • Partner with university programs to address health issues on campus and provide framework for more research studies and knowledge transfer
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