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Hillcrest Park

1350 Hillcrest Drive Frederick, MD 21703


OWNER: The City of Frederick Parks and Recreation

CONTACT: 301-694-1493

WEBSITE: Park Website

Hours: Dawn- 10 pm


Overall Size: Larger than a football field

Special Features/Comments: Amenities - more info
Baseball field = 60' / Benches-Bleachers = 9 / Electric - 1 outlet in pavilion / Grills = 2 / Parking on street / Picnic Tables = 3 in pavilion

Admission Feet
City Resident Rates:Sm Pav = $15 Baseball Field = $2/hour NonCity Resident Rates:Sm Pav = $30 Baseball Field = $4/hour



^Parking Instructions: Parking on the Street

ôADA Accessible: Yes


Sports Facilities/Activities: Baseball/Softball Field, Tennis Court


General Park Amenities: Playground, Restrooms, Drinking Fountains, Seating, Picnic Tables, Grills

Playground Size: Medium

Playground Shade: Little or none

Playground Surface Type: Wood chips, Dirt, Mulch

Pets: Allowed On-Leash

Trash Cans: Yes


Trail Surface: Paved

Trail Activities: Walking, Running/Jogging, Bicycling

Trail Difficulty: Moderate, ADA Accessible

Trail Layout: Loop

Trail Length: 0.5 to 1 mile

Trail Shade: Little or none

Trail Surface Type: Concrete

Trail Slope: Flat/Gentle

Trail Width: 4-8 ft

Trail Extras: Benches/Rest Areas, Playground, Drinking Water


Open Space Activities: Play frisbee or catch, Go for a walk or jog, Have a picnic, Do Yoga

Open Space Size: Between basketball court and football field

Open Space Shade: Little or None

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Last Updated Nov 7, 2016