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Americans are suffering and dying prematurely from chronic disease due to poor diet, inactivity, and chronic stress. These numbers are higher in minority and lower socioeconomic groups. Despite hundreds of scientific studies linking improved health outcomes to time in Nature, most healthcare providers are unaware of the importance and ease of writing nature prescriptions.

Park Rx America believes that healthcare providers and other employees who provide education on health and the outdoors can and should prescribe nature, and that individuals are more likely to go outside when they are aware of its benefits and receive a nature prescription.

INNOVATION: Park Rx America has developed the first national healthcare friendly platform to FIND green space, PRESCRIBE activity outside, and DOCUMENT a nature prescription in any electronic health record.

IMPACT: Park Rx America is renormalizing being outdoors. Access to green space is a social determinant of health and unequal access is a social injustice. We level the playing field among communities by reconnecting all persons to green space, whether it be a park in our database or another self-identified outdoor space close to home.

REPLICABILITY: We have a proven record of an expanding park database in both geographically and demographically diverse areas around the US. We partner with local, regional, state, and federal land management agencies to maintain verified and up-to-date park data and can scale to all sizes of health provider organizations. We also promote more personal nature destinations identified by patients and customers who want to fill a nature prescription.

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Park Rx America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization dedicated to improving the physical and mental health and well-being of all individuals through promoting increased access to nature and the outdoors.

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Our fundraising goal is $25,000

Mother and daughter outside lacing up to skate


  • Provide incentives to top prescribers to remind and motivate them to write more prescriptions and to recruit other prescribers
  • Increase the number of parks in areas of need in our database
  • Enhance platform use and functionality of our site, improving the ease of writing nature prescriptions, and the ability to follow patients' and customers' prescription fill rates
  • Develop and distribute posters and materials to offices around the country
  • Develop CME Courses to educate both healthcare providers and others who work to improve the mental and physical health of individuals.


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